Quality Canvas and Archival paper prints

My Paintings are printed using archival quality pigmented inks onto the finest quality artist's Canvas and Art Paper. Each canvas is coated to minimize fading of the image and provides a colour intensity and crispness not possible with uncoated mediums.
Only pigmented inks are used which have an estimated life expectancy on Archival Media, in normal indoor lighting conditions, of in excess of 100 years.
For further information please refer to my Print makers website http://citrusgraphics.com.au

Passion for texture & mood

My art and Models bring a 'gritty' texture to the visual experience that I find both exciting and fulfilling to create. The weathering adds a certain 'natural' drama to the scene that maintains it's appeal and freshness through diversity in the surface detail. 
It also draws the viewer to consider elements beyond the technical; the background to the story - what came before this moment?

The Devils in the detail.

I have a technical Art background that comes through in my art via the detail.
The Military art is thoroughly researched for accuracy, supported by 4 decades of exstensive research into military scale models subjects from bothe the World Wars of the 20th Century, as well as the battles they fought in.
 I strive to make sure that each plane or vehicle is technically right for the setting or period portrayed, so that the viewer can fully appreciate the scene, context and detail. It is important though to balance this aspect so that you do not take the 'soul' out of the painting. 

I hope I can offer the technical detail enthusiast , the historian and the art lover a painting that they will enjoy for years to come.