My models and dioramas cover many subjects, even though my base is military 1/35 vehicles. I delve into submarines, planes, sci fi and fantasy here, as well as the odd rusting vehicle. A diorama may be created with the intent of using it as an initial light and form study for a painting project as well.

* Please follow this link to see additional dioramas in my Masters section on the Modelers Alliance website - a great site for all modellers to enjoy.

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#the dragon and the wolf
Weathering is the 'reality maker' but you need to be careful so that the effect matches the time and the setting.
Battle Damage
​Adding damage to the model will bring more of the visual story to the diorama and grab the interest of the viewer, drawing them in to the detail.'
 The Dragon and the Wulf
1999 - This marked a change for me in that I was relying more on Artists oils for finishing and beginning to use the internet more. This was my first dio finished for the new Millenium that finally got me a much coverted 'best of show' in the IPMS Australian open Model Expo 2001.
Extra Stowage!
I always find that a bit of extra stawage adds some real character to the piece.
The Last Patrol - Mk7c/ 41
North Atlantic 1945 (2013) (
Water surface
The water was sculptured with modelling clay and paste,  using spoons and other tools to get wave and spalsh effects.
This is the Revell 1/72 scale kit that has been waterlined and put onto a base. The ocean was created with modelling clay and painted with artists oils. The water on the deck was also painted with artists oils but finished with gloss acrylics.
Painting the ocean
Wave and surface details
 All the finer wave detail was painted by hand with a brush before  moving onto the deck and then applying a number of gloss coats across the whole surface.
The ocean surface was base colored with a dark blue acrylic by airbrush then detailed with Artists oils by brush.