All prices are in Australian dollars and represent canvas or Archival paper loose not stretched or framed. 

Brokeneagles I :
FW190-A8 Germany 1944-45 

Heading 1

​painted using a mix of traditional oils & digital brushes.

    75.0 X 48.0 cm (standard size)

[29.5 x 18.9 inches]

1944 - The Allied forces clean-up of the forward airfields captured from the Germans.
This painting depicts a FW190 on the back of a Dragon wagon in the last months of 1944 during the heavy rains across Germany and the low countries

Brokeneagles II :
Me109 G-10 JG4
​Operation Bodenplatte 1945

​​painted using a mix of traditional oils & digital brushes.

80.0 cm x 40.5 cm (standard size)

[31.5 x 15.9 inches]

This is the second painting in the Brokeneagles 'line-up'.
JG4 suffered losses of up to 42% during this operation , with many pilots just belly landing in fields if they weren't destroyed outright.

The ME109 G10 is an iconic plane from this late war period.

Brokeneagles II : Ltd Edition
Me109 G-10 JG4 

​​ painted using a mix of digital traditional oils & digital brushes.

80.0 cm x 51.9 cm

[31.5 x 12.4 inches]

This limited Edition is available on Canvas only and has a run of 50 prints.
It has a larger landscape at the top and bottom of the painting depicting the art work in its original layout. It also has a separate border layout.
A certificate of authenticity comes with exciting image.

Brokeneagles III : Me109 G6 JG6 
​Fall of the Reich

​​ painted using a mix of digital traditional oils & digital brushes.

80 cm x 45 cm (standard size)

[31.5 x 18.0 inches]

The sky is darkening as a storm approaches. A lone eagle makes one last pass above the airfield as it 'bids farewell' to the abandoned aircraft and moves on to summer fields.
The plane has been used as a spare part bin by the end of April to keep others flying to support the defense of Berlin as part of 'Luftflotte 6', against the upcoming Soviet onslaught.

Brokeneagles III :  Oil Painting base concept print 

​​ painted using traditional oils on canvas

60 cm x 30 cm (standard size)

[23.6 x 11.8 inches]

This was my original concept layout, created with Artists oils on a canvas board . It is available here for those who wish a simpler image, or it can be purchased as a companion image to the master.

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